What it takes

Last Updated: 6/4/2019 3:46 PM

What does it take to be an intern/site supervisor?

1.  Ability to serve as role model with a good understanding of the industry and current trends.

2.  Dedication to learning about and teaching the major aspects of the field including issues and controversies.

3.  A strong work ethic.

4.  Ability to communicate with all involved parties and timely completion of school internship documents

5.  Willingness to develop and comply with the training plan and implement/revise as circumstances arise.

6.  Willingness to assist the MHS Internship coordinator in evaluating the intern.

7.  Giving feedback to program curriculum so appropriate skills and knowledge in field can be taught.

8.  Understanding that interns do not take the place of full or part time employees.

Mentor/Site Supervisor Job Description

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