The Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) is a four-year citizenship program. All AFJROTC courses are blends of material from Aerospace Science, Leadership and Wellness.  


Our program is designed to develop:

(1) citizenship and patriotism,

(2) self-discipline,

(3) physical fitness,

(4) reliance and leadership, and

(5) the skills used in decision making, communications, and problem-solving.


Students will understand the role of the military in support of national objectives and to become familiar with basic military knowledge, gender equity issues, benefits, and requirements. Topics we study are:

(1) military history,

(2) ROTC in the military,

(3) substance abuse,

(4) map reading,

(5) marksmanship and firearm safety,

(6) military drill,

(7) field activities,

(8) reserve components, and

(9) first aid and hygiene.


Opportunities are provided to explore the qualities and traits of courage, self-sacrifice, and integrity. Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps programs must be approved by and meet the requirements of the appropriate military organization


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