Dear Parents,

Merrillville High School would like to offer your son or daughter an opportunity to take the next big step in their mentor and work with a successful community business here in their hometown. 

Your child will have the opportunity to learn from the best.  These businessmen and women know their industry inside and out.  They have volunteered to take your child under their wing and train them in the "real world", the one that you face each day yourself.  This training cannot be simulated in the classroom but only under the guidance of strong leaders who have dedicated themselves to their profession, the success of our town and now, our children.

This program is for serious minded students who have chosen meaningful career paths.  If your child has taken the classes at school to build his or her foundation and now needs to put those skills, knowledge and abilities in practice, we offer an I.C.E. Internship.  Perhaps your child hasn't quite made up his or her mind yet about the future and would like to explore a career.  In that case, a P.C.I. Internship would put him or her in the real world.

We understand that not all of children will go to college.  Some will learn a trade or start their own business.  Wouldn't it be nice if your child got a chance for "hands-on" at what they want to do with their life?  Wouldn't it put you at ease knowing your child was on the right path?

These internships are Career and Technical Education based.  They adhere to rigorous standards as outlined by the Indiana Department of Education and Merrillville Community Schools.  The certified coordinator has experience in real world business as well as teaching in the classroom.  

Are YOU ready for your child to take this next big step in their life?  If so, talk with them about their future and then talk to us.  We'd like to introduce them to the real world.


Sharon Row

MHS Internship Coordinator


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