CTE Course # 5894 

This capstone experience internship is work-based learning for students who have excelled in and completed at least 3 semesters or 6 business hours of CTE business credits.  This standards-based capstone course allows students to demonstrate achievement in a specific CTE career area and to use and expand their knowledge and skills in a real life, work-based environment with concurrent classroom instruction.  Interns are guided and monitored by a CTE licensed teacher.  Portfolio required.

Pre-requisites:  6 business credits or 3 semesters of CTE or sequenced course work in the specialty area of placement.

Grade Level:  12

Credits:  2-6 (based on number of trimesters/length of internship)

GPA:  2.8

Attendance:  80% or better

Discipline:  No major infractions

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