Careers in the Trades

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Occupation A skilled worker is someone who… Salary*
Auto Mechanic repairs automobiles & trucks $35,790-52,310
Baker:  makes breads using ovens $23,140 (avg)
Barber:  cuts, shaves and styles men's hair $25,010-44,190
Boilermaker: uses steel to make boilers and furnaces $36,710-55,231
Bricklayer: lays bricks $47,717-59,861
Cabinet Maker builds cabinets $33,528-49.039
Carpenter  uses natural wood for the construction 
of buildings, ships and bridges
Cement Mason works with concrete. $39,341-$65,680
Chimney sweep   cleans soot and ashes from chimneys
and fireplaces
$18,000 (avg)
Construction worker actually constructs buildings $35,390-62,280
Cosmetologist/ Hairstylist does hairstyling, cosmetics, manicures
 and pedicures 
Drywall & Ceiling Tile Installer installs/repairs dry wall and ceiling tiles $37,210-75,770
Electrician specializes in electrical power & systems $43,933-60,778
Glazier works with glass. $39,948-55,407
Heavy Equipment  Operator drives heavy equipment (front loaders, 
cranes, excavators, etc.)
HVAC Mechanic installs/repairs heating & air conditioning $41,168-55,713
Ironworker works with structural steel for buildings 
and bridges,
Laborer uses power and air tools and small
heavy equipment in construction.
Lumberjack  fells trees in the logging industry  $34,708-44,105
Longshoreman (Stevedore) loads and unloads ships $44,110-60,137
Machinist makes or modifys metal or plastic 
Mechanic:  uses tools to make or repair machines $40,056-52,838
Millwright   installs machinery $51,963-77,005
Painter   paints and decorates buildings 
and objects
Pipefitter  makes and repairs piping systems $42,912-58,580
Plasterer  works with plaster for construction $36,680-68,140
Plumber  specializes in water and drainage 
Roofer  specializes in weatherproofing buildings.   $35,520-59,310
Sheet metal worker build precision metal parts $43,890-76,530
Steeplejack builds and repairs tall towers, church 
steeples and chimneys
$44,000 (avg)
Steel worker produce steel $27,680-85,660
Stone mason  use natural stone in building and sculpting $39,460-65,040
Tile & Marble Setter use ceramic, stone, metal or glass 
material for coverings
Tool & Die maker builds and repairs clocks and watches $44,639-60,071
Watchmaker make dies, molds, cutting tools for
Welder joins metals together $36,055-57,120
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