Applying for a job

Job Application   These can be completed online or on paper.  




- If you're completing on paper, always use black or blue ink and be careful you don't make mistakes or smudge the paper.  

- Use your given name, not a nickname

- Give as much contact information as possible.  You want to make it easy for them to reach you.

- Complete every question.  If the question doesn't pertain to you, write N/A (for Not Applicable)

- If it asks for details on something personal like felony information or why you left a job, write down "please see me to discuss".

- If it asks for what you want to be paid, write down "standard wage".     If you ask for too little, you look desperate. If you ask for too much, you've priced yourself out of a job.

- Be as generous as possible with your availability to work hours.  (If you can only work 2 or 3 days a week, why would they hire you when someone else is willing to work more hours?)

- If they ask if you are related to anyone already working there, be careful.  If Uncle Joe works there and Uncle Joe hates his job and isn't a good employee, it may reflect on you.  If Uncle Joe loves his job and is a good employee, put his name down! 

- List your employers in order, starting with the most recent.  You'll need to remember what dates you worked for them as well as what your position and duties were. 

- Gaps in employment is a BIG issue.  If you quit a job and didn't find another one for months or years later, you'll have to explain why. Being a student and leaving a job because of academic expectations is allowable but if you've graduated, that gap in employment doesn't make you look good.  HINT:  Don't leave your job unless you already have another one lined up!

- Education is your strength while you're a student.  List your accomplishments boldly.  It's very important to include your Work Keys Certificate, Microsoft Certification, welding certification, AP and CTE classes and leadership positions in academics, extra-curricular and athletics.

- References...this is very, very important!  Never put your personal references on an application OR a resume.  You never know if your application is going to be passed around and who is going to see those names, addresses and phone numbers.  With today's ever-present fear of identify fraud, you need to protect those people who would give you a reference.  So, instead, write "Available upon Request". You will be able to personally hand those precious references to the hiring manager during your interview.

- Accuracy and spelling is an absolute must!  Your application must be legible, informative and perfect in every detail.  If it is not, you can count on the fact that someone else WILL submit a perfect application and your mistakes will make you look undesirable.  Since applications are almost always completed off-site, take the time to have someone help you and proof read your application to make sure it looks great before you return it to the company.

-  NEVER lie on your application.  Lying on your resume can get you fired, even years and years later. 


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