Merrillville Intermediate School (MIS) buses are labeled with a yellow "X" on the front window of each side of the bus. This is done in order to distinguish the MIS buses from the Elementary School buses. These buses may arrive at the same location at nearly the same time, so please be aware of this and make sure that you are looking at the correct bus numbers when it arrives at the stop. 


MIS BuS Right Side           MIS Bus Left Side



Merrillville Community School Corporation has a fleet of 94 well-maintained buses that transport approximately 6,400 students daily and covers approximately 2,600 miles per day. In addition to well-maintained buses, each employee receives yearly instruction from state-sponsored safety meetings and receives random drug testing throughout the school year.  

We are committed to providing safe and efficient transportation for your student and appreciate the opportunity to work with your student to provide transportation to and from school. 

If you need assistance with your child's transportation, please contact MCSC Transportation Department at (219) 650-5311.  


Employment Opportunity

We are ALWAYS seeking highly-motivated Bus Drivers. We provide:

  • Paid Training
  • Paid CDL Skills Test & DOT physicals
  • Very competitive Wages
  • Full-time benefits package available with Part-time hours.

Please visit our district Employment Page at Merrillville Employment Application and scroll to the Bus Driver position for the Job Description, contact information and to apply online.


Bus Stop Safety

Police and the Merrillville Community School Corporation want to remind you about school bus safety after three siblings were struck and killed by a vehicle while boarding a bus on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018, in Fulton County. 

State law requires drivers to stop when a bus is picking up or dropping off children. If a school bus has its STOP arm extended and red lights flashing, drivers are required to stop, according to the Indiana State Police's website. This applies to all roads unless there is a physical barrier or median. When it comes to a divided highway, only vehicles going in the same direction are required to stop (see below).

bus stop safety


For more information about school bus stop safety tips for parents and school bus stop safety tips for motorists, please visit our Bus Stop Safety Tips page.


  • Students will be picked up and dropped off at the home address on file.  
  • All requests for daycare transportation will be subject to a three-school-day processing delay.  
  • To check your current bus information click the Find My Bus Route Information icon.

find my bus


PLEASE NOTE: If you have any transportation needs that require your student to be picked up or dropped off at a location other than your home address, please contact the Transportation Department at (219) 650-5311. The alternate address must be within your student's school boundary and must be approved by the Transportation Department. Requests will be subject to a three school day delay in bus service.

Click on Find My Bus Route Information and you will be taken to a web page where you can find out information about your current bus route.

Enter your student grade level, home address, and zip code. You will be given a bus number, location, and approximate time for the bus arrival.

All students are expected to be at their assigned bus stop 10 minutes prior to pick up time. 


Note: Transportation routes, bus numbers, and schedules are subject to change throughout the year. We recommend you check your information the week school begins to verify information again.


Important! Please take note of the following information regarding student bus information. Your bus stop information is so important to the safe pick-up and drop-off of your student. It is important to provide accurate and up-to-date information to the school and MCSC Transportation Department to avoid confusion with your transportation needs. These points are important:

  1. Students can have only ONE permanent pick-up and ONE permanent drop-off address.  
  2. No changes to transportation will be allowed after 1 p.m. (NOON on Early Dismissal days).
  3. Permanent changes to your pick-up and drop-off location can take up to 48 hours to be processed.
  4. Students can only ride their assigned bus and get off at their assigned stops.
  5. If your K-1st-grade student is dropped at a normal bus stop, a parent or guardian must be present to receive the student.
  6. Please inform Transportation whenever Parent and/or Emergency phone numbers change.          


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